Food Practices in Turkey Give Great Taste to Food Lovers

by admin on June 27, 2014

Whenever you plan your visit to Turkey, you will get the opportunity in order to try out many best cuisines while passing on in various eateries, restaurants and food centers. In fact, there are various types of mouth-watering dishes prepared in a different way according to the people located in different Turkish regions. In addition, you will find these food items as exceptional irrespective of the place. In short where you tried for the same.

Simplicity and high quality of ingredients present in different Turkish Cuisines make one of the pleasant surprises for food lovers and guests. If you look over the reviews related to Food Practices in Turkey, you would likely come across wide range of delicious food items, which you never choose to miss in your life during your trip to the place.

Iskender Kebab

If you love to eat kebab, you should definitely try this popular Turkish kebab dish. Food lovers or tourists will find this food variant from a famous place named Bursa located in the Northwestern part of Turkey. People prefer to make this dish with the help of beef topped or thinly sliced lamb and by pouring boiling butter and tomato sauce on the sliced bread. After this, you have to enjoy this food by serving it with yogurt. Despite the dish remains on high demand in Northwestern part of Turkey, people may even enjoy in other regions and suburbs of the place.

Stuffed Eggplant

Many people located in different cities of Turkey and individuals visiting the region out of the world prefer to enjoy stuffed eggplant to give good taste to their mouth. This is a special dish of stuffed and fried eggplant prepared by a mixture of ground beef, olive oil, tomatoes, diced onion, garlic and green peppers. Just in your first bite only, flavors melt perfectly inside your mouth. Turkish citizens mainly serve this dish with yogurt and rice present on the side.


If you look over the reviews related to Culture and Food Practices in Turkey, you will likely come to know an interesting fact about the Turkish tradition. According to which none of the Turkish woman is allowed to marry until and unless she developed her mastery or expertise in the art of preparing Borek. This cuisine contains Yufka, which refers to a paper-thin pastry, stacked or rolled in the form of varying layers by the help of different fillings, which include meat, spinach, potatoes and cheese and so on. Borek food items are crisp, light and perfect to enjoy during breakfast and with coffee or tea.


Meatballs or Kofte are available to people in varying sizes and shapes depending on the way, in which they are cooked and prepared in varying cities and suburbs of Turkey. However, the basic method remains same, which involves the use of ground meat, varying spices and onions, all of which then boiled or baked and fried in the proper way. Food lovers can enjoy these delicious balls with sliced potatoes, tomatoes and green peppers. Enjoy your holiday in Turkey today.

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