History of Turkey Reveals Big Civilizations’ Formation in the City

by admin on June 27, 2014

Since the establishment of Turkey to until now, this place has played an integral role towards the proper development of organized society. This statement is justified by the fact that it has witnessed ruins and scatters of different cultures throughout its remarkable land. According to the History of Turkey, the place has bored remnants belonging to big civilizations across the world. These include Hittites, Phrygians, Urartians, Persians, Lycians, Macedonians, Lonians, Romans and lots more. Here, you will get a brief overview about the cultures and civilizations adopted by some of these aforementioned civilizations in Turkey.


Firstly, Hittites have established in Turkey via central authority of Anatolia, known as the Asian peninsula in the place. This civilization had founded feudal state, which constituted the individuals, who have to ability to challenge the hegemony of Egypt. Excavations have even uncovered various types of worth noticing ruins about the settlement of Hittite in Anatolia to fascinate a wide range of artifacts, which date from the present period over the display within the Museum named as Ankara Archaeological Museum. The whole empire has remained contemporary with the Troy over the western part of Anatolia.


After this, History of Turkey witnessed the arrival of power of Troy or Trojans civilizations during 1250 BC. These people have repelled consistent attacks from the invaders of Greece only to succumb towards the overall ingenuity of the horse made of wood, which became famous in the Homer’s Odyssey. In addition, large numbers of archeological excavations have highlighted about nine different settlement periods at this website, which include ruins caused in the city walls, temple and house fountains and in the theatre. Today also, travelers choosing to travel Turkey will found the symbolic wooden horse of Trojan at the site, which depicts or commemorates the historical and legendary war. Later on, Phrygians, Carians and Persians have even bought some of the interesting things and traditions related to their civilizations.


During the occupation of Roman people in Anatolia during the first century BC, the region has obtained its name as the Asia Minor. During this age, Turkish people have witnessed the introduced of new engineering methods and building technologies by Romanians into the already existing architecture of Anatolia. Even local citizens have observed the spread and popularity of Christian religion. During that time, marble has become an important material for construction and building purposes while the newly invented construction style with the help of bricks remained properly bound with the help of mortar and have used for the first time for construction of different functional structures.

Moreover, it is only because of the efforts of Romanians, people belonging to different parts of the world have come to know about central heating done via circulation of hot air remained under floors and with the help of various hollow bricks in walls. All these have drastically encouraged the formation of various thermal buildings and properties. Lastly, travelers give their valuable time to visit Turkey will get an excellent opportunity to view various forms of vaults, arches and domes and several other forms of architectural masterpieces designed by engineers, artisans and technicians of Roman civilization.

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